Hi folks. I guess it’s about time for a little fall update in my musical world. Firstly, check out the two new videos I posted on my media page. One is of me playing with my old high school jazz band accompanied by a few other hired hands from this year’s Emil Matys Jazz Fest in Elko, Nevada, circa May 17th I believe. It’s a fun version of “Beulah Witch” from The Buddy Rich Big Band’s book, and sure enough it’s got a drum solo towards the end. The other new one is a little clip of Izzy and the Catastrophics rocking out for a great crowd in Aosta, Italy, June 14th or so. I know, you can’t even see me, but at least it’s from the part of the song where I sing a little bit… And besides, I wanted to post at least some kind of footage with Izzy. So this will do for now until I get something better in the future.

In terms of the future, I don’t have all that many shows booked at the moment, but one I’m definitely looking forward to is just next week with the Jeni Wren band at the Doug Fir. Jeni’s CD release show went great last week and this show promises to be a fun one as well. Also stay tuned for some kind of incarnation of the Eugetet in the not to distant future…

In the meantime I’m keeping busy teaching. This fall I’m having extra fun teaching “The History of Rock and Roll” for PCC Newberg. I feel like with all the research I’m doing for it I’ll probably get more out of it than the students.

Ah the continuing joys of teaching music.