Hello everybody. I’m long overdue for a recent post about the musical life of Tom, so here’s what’s happening in the near future! Firstly, I’ve got a couple super exciting shows in Portland in the next couple weeks. The first is less than a week away, on March 26th at the wine bar, Shaker and Vine. This is a reunion of the collective Gunga Galunga, and we’re all stoked about it because we haven’t played together in over a year, really since our first album came out in the beginning of 2013. Second, I’ve put an awesome lineup together for a rare Eugetet appearance. That show will be on Friday, April 4th at the Camellia lounge, and it should prove to be super fun as I’ve got both Max Ribner and Tim Willcox on horns… and I’ll leave the rhythm section a surprise so you have to come! Finally, Gunga Galunga will be performing again on April 13th at a super cool bar called The Funhouse lounge. This is a really neat room with a cool vibe that I’ve been wanting to play at for a long time now, so as long as we do our jobs it should sound great.

Then I hit the road with Under the Streetlamp! They are an incredibly entertaining show based on the classic American radio songbook or the 50’s and 60’s primarily, with a little more recent stuff thrown in for good measure. They’re currently airing a special on PBS, so check out their website to find out when you can see them on TV or when you can come to a show in your area. http://www.underthestreetlamp.com We’re literally playing across all of the US, except for the northwest, oddly enough, so if you live anywhere very far away from me, you should have an opportunity to check us out.

I won’t be back in Portland until July, so happy spring everybody!