Hi there everyone! As usual, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted an update about the musical happenings in my world, but this time I’ll make up for it with a couple pieces of big news!
First, I’m simultaneously very honored and proud to announce that I’ve been endorsed by Allegra drums. This company is based just across the river from us Portlanders, in Vancouver, WA, and they make beautiful, incredible sounding, masterly crafted drums. I recently received a beast of a 14” by 8” snare drum that they made for me, and I’m having a blast getting to know it. It’s got such a huge range of capabilities, from dynamics to pitch range to sensitivity to straight up thundering.
Second, I’m super excited to be touring Europe this year, in just under a week from today! I’ll be touring and playing with the newly formed Crow band, led by vocalist Earl Thomas and keyboardist Dave Fleschner. We will be promoting our new album, CROW, in such countries as Spain, England, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany to name a few. Check out Earl Thomas’ website to get more details, listen to and buy the album! http://earlthomasmusic.com/index/ First leg of the tour we’ll be plane hopping back and forth between Spain and England. Here’s to summer touring across the pond!